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Port of Barcelona

Port Vell is the older area of the Port of Barcelona, one of the largest harbours in Spain and Europe’s ninth container port. Before the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the Port Vell was an obsolete harbour with empty warehouses and refuse dumps, but was them transformed as a part of an urban renewal program that opened the city up to the sea and contributed to the nomination of Barcelona as the world’s top beach city in 2011, according to National Geographic.

The article’s front photo is from the main building that today houses the Port Authority of Barcelona, which was built in 1907 and now is classified as an historic and artistic heritage architecture.

In the second photo of the series you can see the splendid wooden pedestrian bridge over the harbour waters, known as the Rambla de Mar, which connects La Rambla, the most famous and often crowded street in Barcelona, with a complex with shops, cinemas, bars and restaurants.

Another important attraction of the Port Vell is the largest aquarium in Europe, containing more than 8,000 fish and 11 sharks. Some of them can be observed from a 80 meters long tunnel under a basin filled with sea water.

The last photograph features the aerial tramway connecting the Port Vell with the nearer hill of Montjuic, an attraction built for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

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Photo details: Sony A700, SAL-2470Z, Exposure 1/200 sec., f/9, Focal Length 28mm, ISO 100

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